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The punch round cushion leather is one of the most useful boxing equipment at the time of training, what is mainly worked on is power, because it’s worked with isolated blows, that is, from blow to blow, although it is always works in combination, always looking to accommodate the blow well to work at maximum strength.

It’s also used to correct the trajectory and body position of the student since the person who is training you will have you in front of you and will be able to be aware of your movements, that the way you walk when hitting is correctly done for when you are fighting your performance is flawless and get the victory at any time.

In our blog we always mention the importance of using quality products at the time of your training and this is the best in addition to the fact that the product does not suffer any damage when used and has a longer duration, is the reason why we recommend the Cleto Reyes Punch Round Cushion Leather which is manufactured with the highest quality standards, 100% handmade an real leather, of course, made in Mexico.

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