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The Wall Mount Sparring Partner is part of the boxing training equipment for both amateurs and professionals, it is one of the unconventional bags, however, it has many qualities, ideal complement in your training, boxing practice, and its multiple striking angles, designed for having a correct execution of different strokes of this sport also provides muscle strengthening while increasing the condition, resistance, and mobility, especially when working on strength and upward strokes.

This bag is anchored to the wall by means of support and provides you with fixed hitting points so that you can practice different techniques, it is excellent for small spaces and thus take advantage of the additional space on the wall.

To have optimal training, it is essential to have quality training equipment so that its use is long-lasting and when you are doing your exercises you feel protected to the maximum avoiding any type of injury. The Cleto Reyes Wall Mount Sparring Partner is your perfect choice for uppercuts, hooks, and blows, its five white patches are for a complete work of your superior movements, in addition to being designed with natural leather and vinyl, always using the best materials and guarantee of quality that Cleto Reyes always offers you

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