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The WBC Amateur is consolidated

WBC Belt

The World Boxing Council will work in conjunction with USA Boxing, the federations of Canada, Uruguay and Mexico, to give certainty to amateur boxing, through tournaments and financial support programs for boxers and coaches; in addition to looking at all costs for professional fighters in the Olympics.

On the second day of work of the 58th Annual WBC Convention, Mauricio Sulaimán met with Pat Fiaco, president of Amateur Boxing Canada, Sergio Márquez, responsible for amateur boxing in Uruguay, Joe Saunders of California and Tyson Lee, president of USA Boxing, Joel Campuzano and Miguel de Pablos.

In your message. Mauricio Sulaimán pointed out that “the people in charge of the administration of the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) became promoters and tried everything, in a total abuse of power, that’s why we stopped recognizing it.”

He stated that the obligation of the green and gold organism is to take care of the interests of the fighters, but from the cradle, where they grow up and for that reason he began to work with the amateur committee, in order to make a platform for various scenarios in the world.

“Now the amateur WBC has a plan to create a federation within the council, basically to have different scenarios, with a structure that protects the fighters and the integrity of the sport,” said Mauricio Sulaimán.

In this regard, Joel Campuzano stated that they will work on the creation of this federation to resume amateur boxing and, together with Tyson Lee, create the amateur league and hold a tournament for amateurs.

Regarding the economic support, Mauricio Sulaimán external that “We must all support amateur boxing, find sponsors, so that the programs of young people who now suffer much more from the pandemic are maintained.”

“We have to do everything possible to generate income and not think in pesos, dollars or euros, but in the enormous enormous responsibility, we have to go back to basics, to find Muhammad Ali, Oscar de la Hoya, because we have boys from eight or ten years who dream of representing their country and winning gold ”.

Tyson Lee, president of USA Boxing expressed his full support for the project: “Young people act because they don’t have a fight, but that is why we must have a program to finance trainers and boxers so that their gyms stay open, this is going to be the future of world champions ”.

Then, he said that the position of the WBA Amateur is one of total rejection of professional fighters in the Olympic Games and as an example he pointed out that he saw a video where an eight-fight professional knocked out an amateur in a dramatic way. “That is the main reason, because there are abysmal differences.”

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