The boxing world farewell to Maxim Dadashev when two days after returns to Die Another promise young of boxing we speak of Hugo Santillan.

The young man who was born in Argentina was operated by a blood clot in the brain after their confrontation with Eduardo Javier Abreu, the operation little by little became complicated and two strikes cardiorespiratory could not resist more.

Fainted just in time to hear the decision of the judges after 10 rounds that disputed in the Athletic Club San Nicolas.

Hugo had a professional record of 19-6-2, before the last confrontation he had faced the Armenia-German Artem Harutyunyan, where he would get a defeat by unanimous decision.

At the end of that fight, the German Federation recommended him to rest for a period of 45 to 60 days but Hugo would return to the 35 days to play 10 rounds.

At Cleto Reyes we mourn the departure of another young promise of boxing wishing prompt resignation to his family and loved ones, may Hugo Santillán rest in peace.

Image credit @marcosarienti and World Boxing Council

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