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Think like a World Champion

Think like a World Champion

To overcome the difficult times that the coronavirus has caused, “we must think like world champions,” six-time world champion and now promoter Oscar de la Hoya told Mauricio Sulaimán, president of the World Boxing Council, in the WBC talks.

“We must be strong, what we are experiencing is like a 12-round fight, which is not easy, we can lose or win, which can knock us out, but we must fight to the end,” said Oscar de la Hoya.

He added that “we are going to continue resisting adversity. To win, we must think like world champions. “

He pointed out that there are difficult times in the world, frustrating times, but that we must move on.

“These are unusual times, we have not suffered, but we must be patient, now more than ever we must believe in the profession we love, which is boxing and I am very fortunate to have met the WBC family. Your father gave me the opportunity, the encouragement, and took me under his wing, it is something that or I will forget, “he said.

He affirmed that boxers are people who fight, that if they are thrown, they will get up to continue in the fight, “they have thrown me several times, but I come back and maintain this strength to resist.”

Of the affinities as a boxer and now as a promoter, he pointed out that it is not so different, because in both activities one must be intelligent, strategic and sensible about how to choose the battles; but the one that stands out is respecting the opponent, our competitors, being fair, that’s the most important thing ”.

Of his secret to success, he said that it has been work: “I have been successful because I was disciplined, hard-working; for example, if he had to run six miles he would run eight, if they had to box eight rounds, he would do ten ”.

To conclude, he affirmed that “I owe everything to boxing, that’s true, I spoke with Bernard Hopkins and he told me that first you have to survive and then win and these are difficult times, but we must move on.”

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