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As a beginner in anything, everyone can make a lot of mistakes, the most basic things can seem very difficult, we must begin with excitement but knowing it will be hard starting. That’s why you must have someone to teach you the right techniques, so you don’t develop bad habits.

We want you to be different, so pay attention not to commit these mistakes in the ring.

  1. Breaking Line of Sight


Your eyes are a big weapon in boxing, you need to see your opponent and predict his punches. As a beginner we close our eyes to protect ourselves in instinct, but in boxing you need to watch your target all the time.


  1. Training faster than you can


If you think boxing is too hard, painful, don’t have enough power, your hands aren’t fast enough means you are training too fast. Beginners want to be better and rush so they’re re always trying to train but your ability to learn needs time.

Don’t try to learn everything in one day, focus on one step at a time.


  1. Exposed Chin During the Jab

The jab is everything, is the number one offensive, defensive and counter-offensive tool. Almost anyone doesn’t use a glove to cover their face when they jab, you need to know how to make your jab functional and don’t turn your head sideways.


  1. Too Much Head Hunting

Want a knockout punch that will end the fight early and with that use too much upper body focus. You must combine all the parts of the body so don’t rush up because you will have plenty of opportunities for significant punches.


  1. Don’t learn proper footwork

Beginners need to master footwork skills as soon as they can. You need to be good with your hands and feet but is one of the most overlooked strategies. You must not stay in a stationary position and just throw punches, so work on it.


Minimize mistakes, drink lots of water, control your breathing and enjoy your training.

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