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The good reflexes determine if you remain standing or if you end up knocked out, and clearly, they can improve and with more reason in the sport of boxing, that’s why we bring you a top in which we will give you recommendations to have the best reflexes.

  1. Reaction Balls

Not being spherical and having 6 balls together that makes difficult to know where it will bounce helps to improve your peripheral vision and reaction speed.


  1. Double End Bag

Timing, reflexes and punch coordination, the importance here are the skills rather than strength because you need to avoid the punches.


  1. Pad Work

This combine repetition of Action / Reaction exercises. Whoever wears the mitt or shield can simulate any attack at any time they want. it’s the unpredictable moment that helps your coordination and balance.


  1. Foam Sticks

This are for good moving target practice. Punches can come from any angle so improves your vision because they are faster.


  1. Slow Sparring

This gives you more time to feel your opponent. You can start just with your defense and then include counterattacks. In the beginning do it slow and with de time of course you can increase your time.


  1. Throw Colored Balls

Each color represents a different action that you must perform; dodge, kick, hit and more. This to be focused and agile.


  1. Get plenty of sleep.

Of course, this is one of the most important things or the most, with proper rest you have quicker reflexes and perform on a higher level, on this way you will be more alert.

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