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Use of Hook and loop Training Gloves

The Cleto Reyes with Hook and Loop Training Gloves are very versatile gloves since they are used for sparring, heavy bags, and training in general.

This time we will focus on Sparring: For which it is recommended to use no less than 16oz, if you weigh more than 175lbs in muscle, you should spar with gloves that are not less than 18oz or 20oz. Do not forget to make sure that your opponent is not using smaller gloves that have suffered stronger blows and it will be an unfair advantage for your opponent.

These types of gloves cannot be used in an official competition, for that we should use the professional 8oz or 10oz gloves.

For more information about the glove size you need, we leave you this size chart where you can be sure before buying a specific glove.

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