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Do you know who’s the winner on a fight? the person who delivers the fastest blow. That’s why being faster than your opponent is vital and increases your chances of being a winner and no one can touch you.

And as you can work your punch power you can train with different ways in which you can develop and increase your speed when boxing too. Let’s increase the speed of your hands with these exercises:

Speed Bag Work

This is perfect for your hand and eye coordination; it forces you to think fast and prepares you mentally and physically for fast punches. You must react quickly with this bag and punch in a rhythmic way you can increase when you are better coordinated.

Quick Breathing

Breathing fast keeps the movement agile. You need to inhale and exhale to the beat of your punches. Mid-range punches are thrown working on your breath and concentrate on faster punches, breathe tense the core, which add power to your punch.


Work each punch in the air or in front of a mirror; jab, right cross, right hook, uppercuts and combinations focusing on the speed of each punch. This will help you can practice your breathing building muscle memory for a fluent punch.

Combination Punches

Keeping the punches light is key, makes your mind think fast. Always keep your mind focused on whole combinations and not on individual punches because that can slow you down and, in that way, you will interrupt your rival rhythm.

Jump Rope Sprinting

We think that by this time you have already realized that the rope helps for everything. The rope will help develop the muscles used for fast punches.

Remember to train the speed of the mind to hit fast, the mentality is the most important when punching. You must have the right attitude, faster doesn’t mean harder.

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