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This sport is easy to understand, but we will tell you the basic rules that must be followed so that the two opponents can go up to the ring to fight using their fists covered with gloves.

Let’s start with the basics

  • The fight will have to be done in a ring of 7.3 meters per side
  • Boxers must use:
  1. Shorts with different colored waist
  2. Mouthguard
  3. And gloves that meet the specified characteristics
  • It is not allowed to fight body to body

The winner of the match is the fighter with the highest number of points or for giving a knockout.

For this you must follow these procedures:

  • At the start of each assault, ten points will be agreed for each of them. At the end of each assault, the best boxer will receive these points.
  • Rounds last 3 minutes and one-minute rest between them.
  • The boxer cannot hit the opponent while on the ground
  • The boxer must show the best “skill”, “efficiency” and “style”, and the best attack and defense moves.
  • If a fighter falls, he must get up in a 10-second period without anyone’s help or the referee can give the win to the other opponent.

What are the ways by which you can win?

  • Physical, verbal surrender or throwing the towel into the ring from the corner.
  • Technical knockout by the referee.
  • Decision through the cards.

Of course, they change a bit depending on what type of boxing it is, Amateur and Olympic Boxing or professional, these were for Professional Boxing.


Photo by Attentie Attentie


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