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Maybe you didn’t know most of our products


You already know us, you know who we are, what we do and how we do it. If you don’t know much about Cleto Reyes history) click here

But sometimes we include new things in our catalog, and we may have missed it, so we will tell you the products we have, and you can expect from them.

  • Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

Our Manufacturing Production Process works with the best leather materials, under the strictest quality control, known for the best comfort and great engineering design that helps to prevent moisture from entering the padding.

Did you know that the best selling glove it's the color red? Click on this link to know why

The best Boxing Gloves in the market

  • You Have to try and feel our heavy Bags

The design of the heavy bags works to improve the strength and precision of every blow by providing a variable response creating different movements each time. Perfect for training and designed with the material of the highest quality.

You Have to try and feel our heavy Bags

  • What about Speed bags

They help you to Improve reflexes, improve coordination. The speed Bag has adequate air pressure, no more than 10lbs, small sizes are for a good level of training, while larger sizes are more for beginners.

  • Speed Bag platforms

The easy continuous adjustment converts into the best platform on the market avoiding all vibrations and adapts to the necessary height.

This platform will help keep the bag in place while hitting at a different speed due to the movement it makes.


  • Our best training equipment

You know that you want the best training equipment, we give you some ideas on how to start:

our best training equipment

  • How do we make our Handwraps

They are made of cotton with a wider and superior quality hand wrap. These wraps are for repeated use.

Have you ever use Handwraps

  • Protect yourself

You should protect yourself with any of these;

Protective equipment

What about the must-have items!

  • Autograph gloves
  • Clock Glove
  • Gym Bags
  • keychains
  • jewelry.

Authentic and detailed replica of the classic glove.


  • Looking like a pro

Wear any of these;

  • Boxing Trunks, Manufactured with  polyester satin fabric
  • Skirt Trunks, Robes
  • Sports Bra, Adequate for any sport, 100% Polyester
  • T-shirts
  • polo shirts
  • Cleto Reyes Shoes

Look Like a pro

Now that you know a little more of everything, we have you can see carefully on our page what has caught your attention and thus fully inform you about the product.

Guess what's new: Cleto Reyes Spheric Speed Bag

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