Like all sports, you must have the personnel for every detail and that goes from the coach to the referee because there are many more people involved in a boxing match to others of the boxer and each one has his function.

In case you didn’t know everyone, here we leave them:


Any person who is responsible for assembling everything necessary in the place, from the ring to the chairs and accommodate what is going to be given.


It is the person who is inside the ring to control the behavior of the athletes and be responsible for compliance with the rules of the boxers, as well as intervening when the situation requires it.

Technical director

This person is responsible for several decisions in combat and for the decisions of the judges. Check the decisions and announce the result.


One of the most important. They have the responsibility of counting the hits of each boxer and deciding who wins when there is no knockout. And 3 judges are always present in combat.


As the name says, he is responsible for the time of each round and at the end of each round he rings the bell.


A doctor must always be present to assist the boxers during combat, and when someone is injured, to know he can continue in his condition or end the combat.


Responsible for the presentation of the boxers, authorities, judges, referees, and announce the results. There can be more than one speaker and of course in different languages.


He is the main manager of the direction and training of the boxer. He has always been with him, advising him in his training and supporting him in the fight.


The person who is not the coach but who assists the boxer during the break between rounds.


Each boxer has four assistants and they stay behind the boxer’s post with the responsibility to advise, treat and know when he is no longer able to continue the fight.


We assume that this is the one you know the most. All the people who attend to watch the fight by paying their ticket and supporting their favorite boxer.


Obviously, the boxer is part of this. Is the one who carries out the contact sport in which they fight by hitting their opponent from the waist up and using only their fists with gloves, inside the ring.


If you already knew all the people that make up the fight staff, leave it in the comments and comment, which do you think is the most important.


Photo by Frida Aguilar Estrada

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