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Mauricio Sulaimán was re-elected

Mauricio Sulaimán


He was re-elected as president of the World Boxing Council for a period of four more years, during the first day of activities of the 58th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council, which is held virtually, through open-chamber voting. 

Alberto León, a member of the WBC Governing Board, explained to the members of the nine federations that make up the body, that two members of each would vote. 

So since Mauricio Sulaimán was the only candidate, the voting was carried out and in that way, he was elected for a second term at the head of the World Boxing Council.

It should be remembered that in 2014, when the unfortunate death of Don José Sulaimán occurred, Mauricio was chosen to replace his father, who had two years left to complete his four-year term. 

Two years later, at the WBC Annual Convention in Miami, Mauricio won the elections for his first term as president of the body and will now lead the council until 2024. 

After his re-election, Mauricio Sulaimán proposed the motion that the WBC Governing Board, which has accompanied him during his term, be re-elected and his proposal was accepted by acclamation. In this way, the president promised to work hard to continue enhancing world boxing and to encourage boxing to continue on the path of Clean Boxing every day. 

He then thanked his wife, children, his mother, his brothers, and his entire family for the love and affection they have given him during the six years he has been president of the WBC. Finally, he also recognized the support of the members of the world boxing family, for the love they have given him since the death of his father, Don José Sulaimán.

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