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The 58th WBC Convention Began

Mauricio Sulaimán

Mauricio Sulaimán

Emotive inauguration of the WBC 58th Annual Convention

Different, but at the same time in various parts of the world, but with the human warmth and closeness that cyberspace provides, this was the inauguration of the 58th Annual Convention of the World Boxing Council, led by the Mexican Mauricio Sulaimán Saldívar.

Jimmy Lennon Jr. served as master of ceremonies, elegantly dressed for the occasion; as well as the participation of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, who was in charge of opening the greetings from the world champions: “I appreciate that they have invited me” and he congratulated the WBC and Mauricio Sulaimán for this great effort to carry out the convention.

Two emotional videos were shown, one showing some of the best world title fights sanctioned by the WBC, as well as the great champions of the green and gold body. All this because in 2021 the best 100 fights and the best fighters of all time will be chosen.

The other was to talk about the pandemic, where the effort of health services in the world was recognized, for being on the front line of the fight against COVID-19

After the presentation of Jimmy Lennon Jr., Mauricio Sulaimán commented that: “Thank you, it is a great honor to be with you, I appreciate your way of being present. I want to express my condolences for all those people who have lost a relative in this pandemic.

“We have to get the best out of this experience; we have to get off the mat, be patient in order to win this fight. I am very proud to see all of you, if I could I would give you a big hug, which I plan to do in the future. We have prepared a great convention for them, with all the technology we have at hand, ”said Mauricio Sulaimán.

After admitting that the way of seeing and doing boxing has changed due to the pandemic, due to the fact that the gyms closed and the functions were suspended, Sulaimán recognized the union of the boxing family is bringing it out, with the phrase that he titles the convention “we are the World”.

Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, Cecilia Braekhus and Mariana Juárez spoke for the world champions.

After thanking him for being invited, Saúl Álvarez said: “It is an honor for me to participate in the WBC convention, I send you a hug and God bless you.”

Cecilia Braekhus stated that she was glad to participate “in this digital convention. I am very happy to be the WBC world champion, which is a great family and a great community, thank you very much for the support ”. 

While Mariana Juárez was more emotional when she pointed out: “My heart is green and gold, I am the champion of the World Boxing Council, the body that is most respected.”

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